Brenda Finne
The Creative Juggler

Brenda Finne’s inspiration flies from all corners of the neighborhood; a dusty old theater, a crumbled piece of paper, a paintbrush waiting to be dipped in colors.

A day on the commuter train;
ART: Shadows and sunlight play on the windows of the train. I wish to capture the moment with a photo. Not safe on a city train, so I file the image in my memory for a future painting.

WRITE: I’m raptured by a stranger sharing their story – will the conclusion come forth before my station? If not, I will write my own ending.

DANCE: The train jostles and bounces along the tracks –  a dance of frenetic movements.

VOICE: Chattering voices collide with each other. I listen closely to the rhythms of their speech.

It began with the discovery of modern dance at age 7.   Dance and theater became my home as a performer, choreographer & director for 30 years. My passion for language led me to writing and voice acting.

I see the movement, hear the music, and write the words as an actor, dancer, and artist. They feed each other; the dance connecting to the theater, shaking hands with the writing.

Interconnected, they bring the poetry to the human experience.

Email:  brendafinne@outlook.com


July 2016, “Forty Fridas”, Jingletown Art Studios, Oakland, CA
June 2016, “First Wednesday”, Walnut Creek, CA
Jan 2016, “The colors of my life”, Gift-Jeremy Sandler, Boston, Mass.
Oct 2015, “Art & Wine Event”, Walnut Creek, CA
June 2015, “In A Hurry”,  Seeing Red Exhibit, Village Art Theater, Danville, CA
Jan 2012, “You & Me = Oui”, Gift-Lori Morrison, Philadelphia, PA
Nov 2011, “Old Friend”, Commission-Marilyn Straka, San Francisco, CA
Oct 2010, “Anniversary”, Commission, Barry & Lori Morrison, Philadelphia, PA
Dec 2009, 2 Commissions – Ravi Kalaga, San Francisco, CA
Dec 2009, Craft Fair, San Francisco, CA
Dec 2008, Commission – Marilyn Straka, San Francisco, CA
April 2008 Commission – Shari Glago, San Francisco, CA
Nov 2005, Gallery Show, Ketchum, ID
Dec 2004, Group Show, Brickhouse Cafe, San Francisco, CA


Nov 2017, Published; Dig Deep Literary Magazine Vol. 1
Nov 2013, Published Shoe Garden & Other Shoe Stories
May 2009, Quotable Cards, New York, NY
2000-2005 AXIS Dance Company, Interviews-Newsletters, Oakland, CA

Videos, produced-animator & voiceover

Shoe Banter; “When Shoes Can Fly”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Tender Toenails”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Shoe Garden”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Free Spirit”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Pointy”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Flip Flops”, 2013
Shoe Banter; “Cleats”, 2013

Commercial art business

2006-2014, Shoe Banter; Co-Founder

A series of art-writing-video collections utilizing shoes as a metaphor for life.


Ohio State University, BFA Dance

Tesia Blackburn, San Francisco, CA
Patsy Taylor, Walnut Creek, CA
Joyce Fishman, Indio, CA

Kerry Muir, The Writing Salon, Berkeley, CA
Cecil Moochnek, Berkely, CA
Ruth Gendler, Berkeley, CA

Voice One Studio, San Francisco, CA