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Description of My Typewriter

My Typewriter
By Brenda Finne

My typewriter does a song and dance as I type a pretty story. Happily playing along with my tap tap tapping, the words skip and…..this is not working. I crumble the paper and start again.

My typewriter has a mind of its own. She writes the stories with little help from me, I’m just punching the keys as fast as I can.

I found her in the back of an antique store amongst cobwebs and old books. Hungry to hear her voice again, the stories pounced onto the blank page as soon as I got her home.

My typewriter is an extension of me – wondering, just as I am – where are the twists and turns going to be? Will “The End” be months or years from now? Will my momentum keep chugging along? Only time will tell.

For now, I just keep typing.


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